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Update 15th Feb 2023

Dear Dreamer;

I get it. Planet Earth is a tough gig!

Whether you are trying to overcome your school bully, a boss that is an absolute arsho... or just trying to work through the lies you are being fed in this “Modern Day World!”

I am here to tell you one simple, vital and powerful fact that will save your life and ensure that you have the best shot to make your dreams come true.

How do I know this?

Because I am that Test Guinea Pig and the First Test Pilot to make it through the Portal.

Once you understand the power in this application, you will never look at life in the same way, ever again.

You see, there is NOTHING More Important Than Your Dreams!


You have here, in your hands, a tool that will sit on your hip for the rest of your life, from success to success and then to the next.

If you are smart enough, you will know it so well and be so versed in its use, that you will carry this ability right into your next lifetime.

And the next and the next, right into your eternity!

Just as a concert pianist simply picks up the piano and starts playing, as perfectly as they did in the life before.

You are gaining back the most valuable ability that you as a spiritual being have. Your ability to dream, and to then go ahead and make it come true.

There is no other reason for you being here on this planet!

Man is born to dream and then go ahead and make his dreams come true.

Please do not deny yourself of this journey!

With the My Dreams App, I have given you the tool to not only build the road to your own success, but to overcome any barrier, bully or even your own self doubts that are getting in the way of you making it all the way.

What the world needs, more than you may even imagine, is for beings like you to step up and make their dreams a reality.

This is the greatest example you could ever set for all of those you love and care for and for the future generations of planet earth. This is what our civilisation is so desperately crying out for.

We do not need a “Gender Revolution!”

What we need is a Dream Builders Evolution, to save the world from what it is sadly trying to become.

This is way more that a Bucket List App. More than simple To Do List Software. This is you creating a better world.

We need you to step up. I need you, the world needs you.

There is Nothing as Important as Your Dreams!

I'll see you shortly on the other side.

All my Love and Wishes for You,

Mike King

CEO and Founder

The My Dreams Project!

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